What Is SEO?

For us search engine marketers SEO is an acronym that everybody knows often recognizes. However a lot of times when I talked to a regular business owners to mention SEO very often they don’t know what it means. It stands for search engine marketing and oftentimes even that there requires some explanation.

So what it means is that search engines use certain algorithms that allow them to accurately rank a given website that corresponds to a given keyword. If the website is about a certain topic in a certain niche and it has enough articles and information about that niche, it becomes a kind of authority in its field and chances are it will rank very highly.

In order to know what kind of keywords it would be worth to optimize your website for you need to look at Google’s keyword planner. What keyword planner does is it shows you how many times a certain keyword has been searched on a monthly basis. If you are for example in a hardwood floor business and keyword like “hardwood floors Columbia Ohio” was searched let’s say 500 times a month it would probably be beneficial to focus on it.

So in this case you would make a page on our site optimize for delivery keyword and perhaps some similar keywords just to show Google that our page is about this given topic and in that way we would probably ranking above our competition. The next step would be to get some validation from other sites that our site is actually interesting and informative enough for other people to recommended.

Recommendations in Google are done by links. Each link coming to our site from third-party website is the kind of the vote or recommendation that those Google that our website offers something valuable something centered around the topic of the anchor text. It is obvious that the more links or votes we get the more popular our website will become and it will also probably rank very highly in Google.

However, links are not everything. Back linking in order to be beneficial has to be done right. Google upgrades its algorithms very very often because there are more and more people who are trying to game Google and Frank their websites quickly and easily but others. Search engines cannot allow this to happen because if there’s a website ranking highly and it doesn’t really provide the kind of information that people expect, it will of course lower the search engine’s credibility and search engines are all about users experienced these days.

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Users experience is something that is measured on the basis of the amount of time that the user spends on the website after clicking on the link in the search engine. The shorter the time the worse the user experience and then of course search engines will give you less SEO score and rank your website lower in their index.

There are of course many type of links from any type of websites and to go to SEO expert knows that periods a professional SEO service was not only place cheap links from directory sites which anybody can post. A professional SEO consultants shoot family your beckoning profile placing links from blog sites, directory sites, wiki’s, or rooms, and other social media type of sites periods

Social media plays an important role in doing SEO to any website. Backlinks from Twitter Facebook or interests are crucial because this is where the majority of Internet users hangout and the sites have a ton of traffic. Failing to recognize the potential of social media sites is a grave mistake that a lot of SEO services are guilty of.